Monday, February 10, 2020

Weekly News

What’s Happening?

Reading: The circle and square groups are learning about digraphs (two letters making one sound), i.e., “th” and “sh”. These groups will also work on the words, “me”, “she”, and “with”. The triangle group is working on the “long e” sound (“ee”, and “e”) and two syllable words following the VCCV pattern.

Math: The students have been working hard on the numbers 0-10. This week, the students will identify and sequence the numbers 0-20. Later in the week, we will use conversation hearts to sort, graph and measure.

Religion: In religion, the students will learn about the story of Ruth and Naomi. On Wednesday, the students will be leading Morning Prayer.

Science: To conclude our weather unit, the students will be watching a Magic School Bus movie called “Kicks up a Storm”. 

Writing: I am really encouraging the students to take their time and do nice and neat handwriting. We are working on forming the letters correctly and not rushing through our work. 

Art Smarts: On Tuesday afternoon, the students will have Art Smarts with Mrs. George! 

100th Day of School

This Thursday is a very special day in the kindergarten classroom. It is our 100th day of school! The students and I will be doing all sorts of fun activities celebrating our special milestone! For example, the students will be doing various reading activities and math activities related to the number 100, including sorting, counting, and building. In the afternoon, the class will complete writing prompts about 100 things that they would want and 100 things that they would not want! It should be a fun day! Please make sure your child brings in his/her 100th day collection by Thursday!

Valentine Holders

Please make sure your child brings in his/her boxes, bags, etc. on Friday, February 14th

Important Information

Monday-Friday-AR/reading log; Monday-spelling practice; Wednesday-handwriting; Thursday-study for test

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 11- Art Smarts @ 2PM
Feb. 12- Kinders Lead Morning Prayer
Feb. 13- 100th Day of School
Feb. 14- Valentine’s Day/Party @ 1:30
Feb. 16- Jameson’s Birthday
Feb. 17- President’s Day-No School
Feb. 18- Teacher In-service Day
Feb. 20- Spirit Shirt Day

Have a great week!

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